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humanNATURE | Feb 15 - March 31, 2021

Musa Collective is pleased to present HumanNATURE, an online invitational exhibition of 13 contemporary artists curated by collective members Niels Burger and Jill Grimes.

The show will go live on the Musa Collective website Monday, February 15, and will be up for viewing until Wednesday, March 31,2021.


HumanNATURE considers the relationship between the human and the natural worlds. It explores the many ways artists are thinking about, and responding to, nature, from close observation to narrative and metaphor, from work that looks at the threats of climate crisis and mass extinction to art that is personal and intimate. Our goal is to showcase a wide range of ideas, media and perspectives, serving to evoke the complex and layered connections between us and our world.

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