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Past Exhibitions, 2019



Goodbye Hello

83 Spring Street, Watertown, MA


November 9 - December 21, 2019

Reception: Saturday, November 9, 4-6pm

Musa Collective is pleased to announce Goodbye Hello, our first exhibition at Room83Spring introducing Musa members' work to the new space and celebrating Room's community of artists who have shown there in the past six years.


Please check Room's website for further information:

Material Changes

work by Marta Kaemmer

musa_postcard (Page 01).jpg

September 7 - September 28

Opening Reception: September 7, 2019


Kamal Ahmad

Kamal Ahmad -8.JPG

Opening Reception: August 10, 4pm - 7pm

Closing Reception & Artist Talk: August 31, 4pm - 6pm

This exposition is an inspection of my memories and body. It brings distant memories into new and concrete forms. These forms are vessels in which the memories exist.

In the work, are three main elements; place, body and people. Place and people connect to make memories. I am working within this interstice, where I inspect the memory, drawing it forth into my works. My bodily relationship with those places and people is the third component. The work constitutes the relationship between those three subjects. 


The work is also about moving some of my memories from an unsafe place to a safe place. I want to keep the moments and remembrances secure because they were originally formed in a vulnerable place. By creating these works, I am ensuring the
memories are protected. Once I encapsulate these memories, I reformulate them while I experience them in a new time and place.

Collective Punishment

Curated by Roya Amigh


Niloufar Keyhani, Detail of Bloody Red, 24”x 37”x 4", mixed media, 2019

July 6 - 27, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 6, 4:30-7PM 

The US imposed its first sanctions on Iran a few years before I was even born; I’ve been living through them my whole life. The subject has recently been back in the spotlight, though—reading the news has shown me how sanctions have been normalized, even praised as the "humane" strategy.

Through symbolic, mythologic, literary, and embodied experiences, “Collective Punishment” aims to turn the audience’s attention to the imposition of systematic vengeance on “the other” under the guise of human rights and national security. Artists share their ineffable visceral experiences, and invite the audience to look at the intersection of race, nationality, class, and gender in this so-called humanitarian enterprise.

Roya Amigh


Artists: Mildor Chevalier, Saba Farhoudnia, Golnaz Goodarzi, Kyle Hackett, Nazli Artemia, Niloufar Keyhani, Woomin Kim, Mozhdeh Sajadi, Artemis Akchoti Shahbazi, and Amir Tabatabaei

Immaterial World

New work by Elizabeth Thach


June 1 - June 29

Exhibition Opening: Saturday, June 1, 4-6 pm

Outside In

Maya Brodsky, Alla Lazebnik, 

Amanda Case Millis

outside in.jpg

Alla Lazebnik, Julia, 18” x 24”, Woodcut, 2019

Amanda Case Millis, Atticscape, 24” x 30”, Oil on Panel, 2019

Maya Brodsky, Hava, 4” x 5.5”, Oil on Mylar, 2018

May 4-25

Exhibition Opening: May 4, 4-6pm

Seeking Noah
Prints on Paper by Ryan Boutin
April 6-27, 2019

Light Moves

new work by Nina Stolz Bellucci


March 2- March 30, 2019

Opening Reception:

Saturday, March 2, 4-6 pm

Light Moves

In this group of large-scale drawings and paintings, Nina utilizes a combination of materials, including spray paint, oil pastel, soft pastel and acrylic, to convey movement and a sense of urgency.  She draws inspiration from the ever-changing light that casts shadows and shapes across her studio walls, calling her to act. The light and its generous nature provide a framework within which Nina can experiment, moving/removing objects and cut shapes, observing the changing effects of light in the space, and practicing being in-the-moment. The metaphor of the window, which vibrates amongst quick lines, alludes to the existence of another world and the fleeting nature of our own.

Here & There

Paintings by Noah Sussman


February 2 - February 23, 2019

MUSA Collective Gallery


Wedeman Gallery, Lasell College

January 22 - February 16

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 26, 4-6pm

Wedeman Gallery at Lasell College


Amalgamation is a mash up of recent paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works by members of MUSA Collective. The exhibition marks the two-year anniversary of the group's inception. All artwork included in the exhibition has been created within the last year in order to showcase the connectedness between each member's work and the improvements made within individual practices as a result of working together.

Participating Artists: Kamal Ahmad, Roya Amigh, Nina Bellucci, Ryan Boutin, Niels Burger, Erik Grau, Marta Kaemmer, Kathleen Kennedy, Alla Lazebnik, Elizabeth Mooney, Noah Sussman, Elizabeth Thach, and Crislin Waldman. 


Outsiders, is a group exhibition exploring the practice of observational painting.

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