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Wreck and Ruin: Scenes From Our Studios


This exhibit will explore the role of the artist's studio in the creative process. Through their own images, videos and writings, a wide range of artists will share the spaces in which they make their art and reflect on their studio practices. Unlike a gallery exhibit, this show will take place in real time, as we see work develop and new artists enter the conversation. Join us over the 8-week period, as we take a look into the sacred spaces of artists.

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Featured Artists:  Nina Bellucci, Joel Brown, Ashlynn Browning, Clare Byrne (Sunroom), Paul Hacket, Lisa Granata, Marta Kaemmer, Alla Lazebnik, Margo Lemieux, Jennifer Levatino, Sarah Nolen (Puppet Motion), Adam Payne, Annie Stolz (Rise & Shine Ceramics), Jake Stolz (Sunroom), Geralson Withrow and more!


The exhibit will be exclusive to Instagram but can also be viewed in real time BELOW.

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