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How does your work address the relationship between the human and natural worlds? 


The outside world connects us to the environment, we can travel on foot (or boat) into the fabulous and enormous range of unknown worlds, the wild world –  it sharpens our minds  - you make your own way at your own speed. We have seen in this pandemic that we cannot live in our boxed homes, like lemmings in one space. Being in forests and walking is a way to improve our moods, our creativity, and our humanity for all living things. We would find it immensely difficult to live without the natural world for all of the wonder, joy, and sustenance it gives us, but the natural world could definitely live without us.

I treasure the forests.  The blue tree drawings were inspired by the idea of the forests as a place to daydream and cherish.  No boundaries, just trees, twigs and footpaths.  Blue color pencil is used to create a mythically Utopian forest of trees and scenic worlds. This is a world I’d like to live in.



Stacey Cushner lives and works in Massachusetts and Vermont.

Stacey Cushner is a drawer and painter who studied fine art at Brandeis University and received her MFA in Visual Art at Lesley University's College of Art and Design. She taught drawing and painting for many years at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, has given curatorial talks at the MFA, Boston and workshops there. She has also taught at Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, Vermont. Her work is nature based.

Stacey has shown her work at CONTEXT Pier 94 New York, SCOPE Art Basel, Basel Switzerland, Art Southampton, Southampton, NY, Art Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California and the Boston International Fine Art Show, Boston, MA. Her work is included in private collections. She has also exhibited her work in solo, two person and group shows around the world. She has received prizes for her work, including an honorable mention from the Hollis Taggert Galleries in New York City and an honorable mention at the Blanche Ames National Exhibition in Massachusetts. She was selected to be the artist in residence at The WYE in Berlin, Germany, in Holland with the OBRAS Foundation and in 2017, was an artist in residence in Beijing, China at the Red Gate Gallery. Her work was featured in The Art Guide, New York, New York. She is a member of the Kingston Gallery and Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA.

Infinite  Immensity   S Cushner  22 x 30

Infinite Immensity

Color Pencil on Arches Paper

22" x 30"


Botanical 1  Stacey Cushner  blue pencil

Botanical I

Color Pencil on Arches Paper

24" x 32"


Intangible Aspects of the Forest  S Cush

Intangible Aspects of the Forest

Color Pencil on Arches Paper

20" x 26"


Breathe the Air that Rests on the Horizo

Breathe the air that rests upon the Horizon

Color Pencil on Arches paper

48" x 60"


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