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Sarah Meyers Brent

How does your work address the relationship between the human and natural worlds? 

These pieces were inspired by blooming flower arrangements in colorful vases that wilted as I worked on them. During the process, the imagery in the paintings similarly grew and broke apart. Although I am not an artist who has mapped out the meaning of my work ahead of time, I bring to it whatever I am thinking about, including feelings surrounding motherhood, concerns about the political climate, and fears regarding the destruction of the environment. I believe that all of these elements are wrapped into these pieces.



Born in Hadley, NY, Sarah Meyers Brent received her BFA from Skidmore College, her Post- Baccalaureate in Studio Art from Brandeis University, and her MFA in painting from the University of New Hampshire. The artist maintains a studio at the Waltham Mills in Waltham, MA.


Represented by the Chase Young Gallery in Boston, Brent has exhibited widely. Reviews of her exhibitions have appeared in Artscope Magazine, Art New England, the Boston Globe, Sculpture Magazine and other publications. Her work is in the permanent collections of Danforth Art Museum/School, Liquitex Corporation, and in numerous private collections.


Blue Vase

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Panel

8.5" x 12"



Flower Vase III

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Panel

9" x 12" x 2.5"



Blue Vase



Flower Vase III

alternative view


Flower Vase

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Panel

11.25" x 9"


Images courtesy of Chase Young Gallery

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