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Outside In

Maya Brodsky, Amanda Case Millis, Alla Lazebnik





MUSA Collective is pleased to announce Outside In, Maya Brodsky, Amanda Case Millis, Alla Lazebnik.

Saturday, May 4th to Saturday, May 25th

Opening reception: Saturday, May 4th from 4:00pm - 6:00pm

“Outside In” brings together the work of Maya Brodsky, Amanda Case Millis, and Alla Lazebnik. Each artist explores the notions of an exterior and interior world, and what it means to bring the external inwards into a more personal realm.


The three of us came up with the title of the show together, “Outside In”. However, we identified with the title from our individual perspectives. One of the common themes in our work is windows, which express our desire to portray more than one perspective of a physical image through the “Outside In.”



Maya Brodsky 

For the past several years, I have been exploring notions of home and what home means in relation to observation, time and change.  I try to paint what I see around me.  In my life outside the studio I filter out many of my surroundings, going through the day without close observation. For me, painting is a way of slowing down and looking at something very closely, during which I begin to see the strangeness and the beauty of it. John Updike wrote “We wonder whether a genuine mystery is being concealed here or whether any similar scrutiny of a minute section of time and space would yield similar strangeness—gaps, inconsistencies, warps, and bubbles in the surface of circumstance.”

I am interested in objects which age and endure beyond our lifetime, which seem to hold a story and life within them beyond that of their intended purpose.


Amanda Case Millis

For my paintings, “Outside In” means the ability to represent and occupy two spaces in my work. The theme is literal in some paintings, since I bring detritus from the outside world into my studio to study. In other work, I use the window as a formal device. This allows me to bridge two worlds, the interior and the exterior—sometimes from the “Outside In”. 

In all of my work, I merge physical and mental spaces during the painting process: direct observation and the invention that happens as I reflect on the personal stories that surround objects or places in my search for specific color relationships and geometries.



Alla Lazebnik

Recently, I have been experimenting with a specific printmaking technique. I print my blocks with white ink, and then when the ink dries I paint the paper with water soluble ink which creates an almost negative-like image. The reason I like this process is because it’s very unpredictable and you never know what will happen and it feels like the image is literally turned inside out.

The two pieces “Inside or Outside” and “Outside or Inside” were created with the theme of the show in mind, and explore the difference between utilizing a carved linoleum block as a negative image compared to what was actually printed on paper. This further expresses the delicate process of creating a print.

MUSA Collective

May 4th - May 25th

Light Moves

New Works by Nina Stolz Bellucci

Musa Collective

March 2nd - March 30th

MUSA Collective is pleased to announce Light Moves, an exhibition of new work by Nina Stolz Bellucci. 


Saturday, March 2nd - Saturday, March 30th

Opening Reception: Saturday March 2, from 4-6pm


In this group of large-scale drawings and paintings, Nina utilizes a combination of materials, including spray paint, oil pastel, soft pastel and acrylic, to convey movement and a sense of urgency.  She draws inspiration from the ever-changing light that casts shadows and shapes across her studio walls, calling her to act. The light and its generous nature provide a framework within which Nina can experiment, moving/removing objects and cut shapes, observing the changing effects of light in the space, and practicing being in-the-moment. The metaphor of the window, which vibrates amongst quick lines, alludes to the existence of another world and the fleeting nature of our own.


Musa Collective

December 8 - January 19

MUSA Collective is pleased to announce Outsiders, a group exhibition exploring the practice of observational painting at our gallery on 119 Braintree St, Studio 312, Boston.


This exhibition features the paintings of Laraine Armenti, Robert Werbicki, Grace Collette, Elizabeth Flood, Noah Sussman and George Nick. 

Please join us for the opening reception on December 8, 4:00pm from 6:00pm and the closing reception and artist talk on January 19, 4:00pm from 6:00pm. 

MUSA Collective Gallery

119 Braintree St,

Studio  312,

Alston, MA


Pattern In Place

Musa Collective

November 19 - December 28

MUSA Collective is pleased to announce Pattern in Place, a group exhibition featuring the artists in MUSA Collective at the Scollay Square Gallery in Boston City Hall.


The exhibition was curated to highlight the on-going use of pattern within specific locations from each artist's work. The work was selected to provide repetition and color within the Scollay Square Gallery as a way to unify the space. 

Members in this exhibition are: Kamal Ahmad, Nina Bellucci, Ryan Boutin, Niels Burger, Erik Grau, Kathleen Kennedy, Alla Lazebnik, Elizabeth Mooney, Noah Sussman, Elizabeth Thach, and Crislin Waldman.

The exhibition will extend from November 19 to December 28, 2018.

Scollay Square Gallery is open from Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pmScollay Square Gallery is located on the 3rd floor of Boston City Hall at 1 City Hall Square, Boston

Closer Than You Think

New Drawings by Niels Burger 

Musa Collective

November 3

MUSA Collective is pleased to present Closer Than You Think, New Drawings by Niels Burger, Niels' second solo show with MUSA Collective. 

Please join us for the opening reception on November 3 from 4pm to 6pm. 

To see Niels' past and present work please go to 

MUSA Collective Boston

119 Braintree St

Studio # 312

Allston, MA


Sweet Like Grapefruit

New Work by Kathleen Kennedy Poe

Musa Collective

October 6

Musa Collective is pleased to announce Sweet Like Grapefruit, New Work by Kathleen Kennedy Poe. This is Kathleen's second solo show with Musa Collective. 

Please join us for the opening reception on September 6, from 4pm to 6pm. For further information please contact or visit our website. 

To see Kathleen's past and present work please go to her website at or her Instagram site, orangetrowsers

MUSA Collective Boston

119 Braintree St

Studio #312

Allston, MA


Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight

Curated by Erika b Hess

September 1 - 22

MUSA Collective is pleased to present Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight, a group show curated by Erika b Hess. The work in this show explores the relationship between the night, our suspicion of what is concealed, and our desire for what we hope to find in the shadows.


The colloquialism, “Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight,” warns us of the possibility for night time transgressions. The night provides a veil for us to explore the dark part of ourselves, inhibitions evaporate and another world is revealed. The night not only provides a space for personal folly but also personal reflection. A quiet space when others are asleep and we are alone with our thoughts.


The work in this show explores the night as we experience it both narratively and spiritually. The dark psychology of night is evoked in Tess Bilhartz’s work on paper. A clawed hand reaches for a drink and a non-descript  figure leans into a dark room that begins to tilt. Sargent and Mohammed present a surreal narrative and space that could seemingly occupy our dreams, while Ammirata’s work draws the viewer to contemplate the spiritual side of the night through her use of ethereal forms.


Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, September 1 from 4 to 6pm. Refreshments will be served. For further information, please contact or visit our website.


Artists: Kerri Ammirata, Tess Bilhartz, Corey Corcoran, Jill Grimes, Stacy Mohammed, Marcus Payzant. Christian Ramirez, Rebecca Sargent, Helena Wurzel


MUSA Collective Boston

119 Braintree St.

Studio #312

Allston, MA


Paper Cuts

Musa Collective

July 14 - August 25

MUSA Collective is pleased to announce Paper Cuts, an exhibition of work from both national and international artists. All of the work in the show has been made on paper and spans a wide variety of mediums including but not limited to graphite, ink, gouache, printmaking, and collage.


In their first juried exhibition, MUSA Collective has put together a show that examines how artists utilize working on paper in their practice. The work explores themes including culture, politics, individuality, identity, and power. Artists included in the exhibit are Kamal Ahmad, Catarina Coelho, Edie Cote, Michael Dassle, Andrew Fish, Jill Grimes, Nancy Gruskin, Dylan Hurwitz, Andrew Kozlowski, Sarah Krizon, Kyle Larson, Rachel Leaney, Kathly Liao, Alicia Link, Matthew Murphy, Matt Neuman, Jenna Pirello, Christian Ramirez, Abraham Storer, Jacquelyn Strycker, and Helen Wurzel.


MUSA Collective is an artist run gallery whose mission it is to create a dialogue between artists and the Boston arts community. Members include: Roya Amigh, Nina Bellucci, Ryan Boutin, Niels Burger, Erik Grau, Erika B. Hess, Marta Kaemmer, Kathleen Kennedy, Alla Lazebnik, Elizabeth Mooney, Noah Sussman, Elizabeth Thach, Julia von Metzsch, and Crislin Waldman. MUSA Collective is located at 119 Braintree Street, Studio 312, Boston MA.


For more information:

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