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Q&A with Elizabeth Davenport

Elizabeth Davenport is an artist who lives and works in NYC. She was invited to exhibit in Take A Line For A Walk by friend and Musa member, Marta Kaemmer. Here we delve a bit deeper into Elizabeth's practice with some images from her studio and a few questions that we've posed to each artist in the show.

1) How do you start a drawing?

Generally, my drawings start as scattered gel pen doodles created on scrap paper during meetings (lately, on Zoom) ... usually consisting of a cartoon-y self portrait interacting with some artifact, with the most recent being those featured on BBC Radio's 'A History of the World in 100 Objects'. The doodles that stick REALLY stick. I draw them over and over. I insert them into squares and rectangles, asserting their status as thumbnail sketches, fiddling with their composition and adding companion doodles. Sometimes these doodles (drawings!) take on new life as larger drawings, puppets, props, backdrops-most likely a combination of all the later.


2) How has your practice been affected in the last few months?

Much of my art practice throughout the last several years has been focused on creating illustrated handouts and exemplars for my life in the classroom. When school went remote, much of that work shifted to digital platforms. Simultaneously my personal art practice also seemed to shift. I began to embrace the tactility of materials that I could no longer access in the classroom, creating objects out of recycled materials, paper and clay to partner with and animate the more laborious graphite drawings that I have more time to sit with.

(L-R) Navigation Tools 1-3, on view in Take A Line For A Walk

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