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Q&A with David Mar

David Mar was invited by Musa member Alla Lazebnik to particpate in "Take A Line For A Walk". Here we delve a bit deeper into David's practice with four questions we've posed to each artist in the show.


"Untitled 1-3" from Take A Line For A Walk


1) How do you begin a drawing?

Usually, it's preceded by a lot of thought about what I'm going to draw - the forms, the gestures, the view of the things I'm wanting to draw.

2) Tell us about the drawings in the show?

The drawings in the show were made at a time I was in the hospital, so I wasn't feeling well, but I had time to focus on drawing. They gave me a bit of an escape to think about something else.

3) How has your practice been affected in the last few months?

I really have to feel like I want to draw to create my ink drawings. If I don't have the energy to do so, the drawings suffer.

4) Where does drawing take you?

Well, rarely does it seem that my interior thoughts align with what happens in the outer world, so, drawings are rare moments of alignment between thought and reality.

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