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Q&A with Claire Gerard

Claire Gerard is a Midwest-born artist who lives and works in the Greater Boston area. Claire was invited by Musa member, Nina Bellucci to share some of her drawings in Take A Line For A Walk. We delve deeper into Claire's practice here with four questions that we've posed to each artist in the exhibition.


Claire in her Waltham Mills studio

1) How do you begin a drawing?

Almost all of my work begins with drawing. I feel the most free to express myself with charcoal or pastel. I think it's because those are the mediums I used the most as a child. So whether I'm working on canvas or paper, I start with a line and see where it leads me.

(L-R) Study no 19, 23, & 9 from Take A Line From A Walk

2) Tell us about the drawings in the show.

These drawings began with the random scraps of canvas I had leftover after stretching canvases. I wanted to distill my work to its simplest elements-- washes of color and line.

3) How has your practice been affected in the last few months?

For the first time in years and years, I lost the motivation to create. I tried not to force it and slowly I've found my way back to the studio and making work again.

4) Where does drawing take you?

Drawing is very pure for me. I love to work with charcoal and pastel because of how tactile and immediate they are.

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