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Q&A with Alla Lazebnik

Alla is a founding member of Musa Collective, a member of Full Tilt Print Studio in Hyde Park, and is a lecturer at Lasell University. For the exhibition, Take A Line For A Walk, Alla invited artist David Mar who through drawing makes similar use of line and negative space. We delve deeper into Alla's practice here with four questions that we've posed to each artist in the exhibition.

"Zoom Dance" from Take A Line For A Walk

1) How do you begin a drawing?

Sometimes it's images that inspire me, other times I am inspired by reading a book, and other times it’s listening to music or thinking about memories.

2) Tell us about the drawings in the show?

Prior to these works I was focusing on Paintings and Woodcuts, but lately I have been trying to combine both processes. Especially in the Zoom Dance image I was playing with drawing and carving and incorporated some wood burning techniques. With the Untitled piece I have been interested in letters and words and how they affect negative space and become part of the image. It is always hard to find words that fit perfectly but the quote I used spoke to me.


"Untitled (perspective 1 & 2)" from Take A Line For A Walk


3) How has your practice been affected in the last few months?

Now being in quarantine at home like all of us and not having as much alone time as before by being able to go to my studio it made me appreciate the time I have and I have been working on my sketchbooks and experimenting with different media as ideas arise.

4) Where does drawing take you?

It allows me to express my thoughts on paper at the moment without being held to a specific media that I want to perfect.

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