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Q&A with Alison Judd

Alison Judd is an artist who was invited by Musa member, Niels Burger, to participate in Take A Line For A Walk. She employs various techniques in printmaking, drawing, and painting to explore the relationship between art and the natural world. Here, we delve deeper into Alison's practice with four questions that we've posed to each artist in the exhibition.

view from Alison's studio

1) How do you begin a drawing?

When I start a drawing, I think about the line and marks I can make. I examine the different marks and qualities a line can have. I try to use a range of materials- pencils, pens, markers, watercolor.

2) Tell us about the drawings in the show?

These drawings were heavily influenced by the quote and theme of the show “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk” I decided to limit my material to pencil and pen as those have been easiest to access during the last few months. I thought about the walks I have taken during quarantine and how they have been my main interaction with the outside world. The walks have had different flows- some quick and brisk when I walk the dog alone. Others, slow and drawn out when I walk with my children around the block, stopping to notice a flower blooming or to kick a rock on the sidewalk. I imagine the marks I make on these drawings as the walk I take outside. Some lines are long and linear, others short and aggressive.

3) How has your practice been affected in the last few months? I have three young children, and while my studio is at my house, it has been incredibly difficult to find the time and mental space to get into the studio for extended periods of time. I carry a small sketchbook and throughout the day if I have a few minutes, I work on a small drawing or study. I work with stencils, and have made travel size versions of my stencils so I can continue exploring the body of work I am currently working on using materials that are easy to transport.

4) Where does drawing take you?

Drawing and painting are meditative. I make drawings that are based on nature and landscape. I get lost in the marks and forms that emerge as I work and respond to them in an intuitive way.

another view from the studio

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